Friday, 10 July 2015

Top 5 Platforms To Build Your Mobile App

Building an app involves quite an investment of both time and money. So it is essential that you carefully plan your app strategy and find the right tools to execute your plan to perfection. But one of the advantages of mobile app development today is that it doesn't require thousands of dollars or long months of planning. With mobile app platforms that allow you to build an app within a month (that too, on a small budget) your work is much reduced. This article takes a look at 5 of the best mobile app development platforms today.

1. Appery

Well, you knew it, didn’t you? Appery is an enterprise cloud-based mobile app builder that allows you to create apps rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. Integrated with Apache Cordova, Appery allows you to build apps with Android, iOS and Windows., for all its functionality, requires remarkably little in terms of code knowledge from you as the bulk of the work is done by the drag-and-drop visual editor itself.

2. The App Builder

The App Builder is a perfect platform to create multi-platform apps. The objective behind this ‘tool’ itself was to allow just anyone to build mobile apps, the way Wordpress allows anyone (meaning the ones without any technical knowledge) to build a website. Much of The App Builder involves just selection of templates. For example, if you want to create an app for fitness, you have the fitness template with all the related tabs. You can then customize this for your requirement.

3. App Machine

App Machine allows you to build native apps for both Android and iOS. App Machine too, has a drag and drop interface that gives you a variety of features with more than 30 pre-coded building blocks. Easy to use and exciting to design, App Machine is a mobile development platform that promises much more in the future..

4. Appy Pie

As the name suggests, make an app as easy as a pie. Appy Pie is a cloud-based DIN mobile app development platform that allows users with little or no technical knowledge to build apps in Android, iOS, and Windows. With its latest product app builder 2.0 Snappy, built as a single platform application, you can create apps ‘ultra-fast’ and codeless. The new release also comes with lots of customization features that you wouldn’t want to let go of.

5. Mobile roadie

You must be wondering why this didn’t come up earlier. As the rest of the tools in this list, Mobile Roadie too allows you to create apps in iOS, Android and Windows. The advantage with the Mobile Roadie is that it supports all media types with automatic importing of Twitter, RSS or Google News keywords. With formatting and customization options too available in plenty, Mobile Roadie is a tool that’s here to stay.

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