Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How Effective Is Mcommerce?

Mcommerce is not just the latest fad in the mobile world, it is also the avenue of the greatest growth in the future.In this challenging market where marketing is as important you need to take the right approach. You may also face bottlenecks in the implementation of M-Commerce.

The use of M-commerce is a valuable tool to be used as a good marketing strategy In order for your business to be successful, it is necessary for your business to make people know about your brand or services that you offer.In this article we discuss some of the most effective strategies which increases reach & frequency of the visibility of your business to your target audience.

 Mobile commerce help in online transactions and promotes the buying and selling of wide range of goods and services through online banking, bill payment, information delivery and also known as m-commerce through making its way into purses or shirt pockets with some human touches.

What is the area of efficacy of mobile commerce applications?

Storefront modules 

This is the place where catalogs are categorized and compiled to facilitate easy browsing sessions for customers for collection of information.

Advertising module

This element enhances the merchants to extend their marketing channels to spread maximum awareness through targeted, direct marketing campaigns.
Ticketing module

This element enables the vendors to distribute vouchers, coupons and tickets and grab more customers.

Customer support module 

Customer support services are the entry point where a customer gathers information, offerings and deals, updates and latest information about the company, current discounts, shop locations and others.

Mobile banking 

Payments are the vital part of the whole process which make mobile billing, payments via sms, credit card payments and at physical POS terminals with NFC technology possible.

What are the benefits of Mcommerce?

Easy execution 

M-campaigns are easy to form and process and spread very fast.

Popular & inexpensive method 

Very cheap method to run a business & market the products/brands or services to reach people on a global range.

Effective and Higher response rate 

This is the most effective medium where the response rate is higher than any other media.

Greater  interactivity

Reaches more customers the place where they are due to their highly effective two-way communication.

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