Monday, 18 May 2015

Key Features Of CORONA SDK

In order to achieve cross-platform development, a developer obviously needs some application development tools. Corona Software Development Kit (SDK) offers some of the best features and API's available today in terms of mobile app development tools. This tool set makes it easier for developers to transition between Google's Android platform and Apple's iOS platform.

Corona SDK is especially beneficial for mobile app developers, designers, and non-traditional developers who create applications for iPad, Android, and iPhone.  Using the great features for application development makes it easy to share the applications quickly.  Here are a few of the features Corona SDK offers.

Cross-Platform Development 

Using Corona SDK makes it simple to share applications between platforms, screen sizes, and OS versions.All it takes is writing the application once, and then clicking a button to build the application for iOS or Android.  Corona also makes sure to automatically scale the mobile application to fit a variety of screen sizes.

Native Device Features 

When using Corona SDK it's simple to use features that are native to either the Android platform or the iOS platform.  A few of these features are Google Maps, accelerometer, GPS, camera, Webkit, software keyboards, GPS, multitouch, and more.  In addition to all this, it is simple to access social networks and certain services, like mobile analytics.

High-Performance Graphics 

With Corona SDK, users can utilize the same industry-standard architecture that popular mobile games use. This includes the games that were developed by Electronic Arts, ngmoco, and Tapulous.  The set of tools has been built on top of OpenAL, OpenGL, and Lua to provide excellent performance that's super fast.

Integrated Game Engine 

It's easy to develop great games with Corona SDK that are able to outperform other games that were developed using web-based technologies, including Appcelerator Titanium etc.  Corona also makes it easy to use gaming features, such as sprite sheets, Facebook Connect, Box2D graphics, and OpenFeint social gaming.

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